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     企业文化   corporate culture


    Excellent corporate culture is the source of core competitiveness, and 2019 is also a year for langke to rearrange the connotation of corporate culture. The core values, business philosophy, vision and mission of the enterprise are deeply rooted in the hearts of employees. Langke people are creating another career peak with unprecedented passion!

    企业核心价值观   Core values of enterprises

    追求做人的正确准?br />

    pursuing the right criterion of being a man


    企业经营理念  Business philosophy


    Pursue material and spiritual happiness of all employees


    企业愿景  Corporate vision



     Study hard, create a first-class enterprise;

     Perseverance, built a hundred years of langke.

    企业使命  Enterprise mission


     We are determined - to pour all, focus on the cause of the environment, for the motherland green mountains and water dedication to life!

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